Story Time Fables

Story Time Fables received attention from many festivals in 2011, and was an official selection of the Arizona International Film Festival, The Phoenix Film Festival, The Prescott Film Festival, The Stepping Stone Film Festival and a semi-finalist in the Festival Internacional de Cine Independiente y Video Oaxaca.

MurphySpeaking Films could not have completed the journey with Story Time Fables without the help of all our friends, family and supporters. Thank you all. We would like to give an additional thanks to our new friends and producers who made it possible to submit to so many festivals.

Special Thanks: Jean Zarzour, Sarah Sher, N. Hospodarsky

Producers: Greg Thomas, Susan Cope, Paul Forgey, Franklin L. Turner

Story Time Fables has been selected to be part of the AZ 100 Indie Film project. The AZ 100 Indie Film is an ongoing project designed to showcase the creative work being done by Arizona filmmakers with the ultimate goal of establishing an independent film archives for Arizona filmmakers. Local screenings of the AZ 100 Indie Films will occur periodically throughout 2012.

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